From West Cambridge Active Travel (WCAT)

'Premier' cycle route through the spine of Northwest Cambridge. A good idea in principle, but there are several problems with the implementation.

Planning application 14/0864/REM

  • Chicane gates in the middle of the route were replaced by regular bollards at the end of May 2018. Then in August 2018 the bollards were replaced by chicane gates again:
20180813 110238.jpg

Bollards from the summer of 2018:

20180601 162842.jpg
  • The chicane gates at the Storey's Way end of the Ridgeway were replaced by this monstrosity at the end of May 2018 (the centre bollard that prevents trailer access was subsequently removed):
20180601 162450.jpg
  • "Chicanes" have appeared at the Storey's Way end of the Ridgeway:
Ridgeway 2017-04-05.jpeg
  • The Hardworks plans show the overhead path design schematic. The Storey's way end appears in Hardworks plan 9/9. File:14 0864 REM-AMENDED HARDWORKS PLAN 9 OF 9-1550932.pdf
  • Within the site, visitors have been shown "loose gravel" surfacing and locations where a car park is given priority over the cycle route.