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West Cambridge Active Travel (WCAT)

West Cambridge Active Travel (WCAT) is a grassroots organisation for the promotion of active travel on and around the West Cambridge Site. Active travel includes walking and cycling, for people of all abilities, and integration with public transport. We work towards the improvement of transport infrastructure (e.g. removal of chicanes, promotion of safe and easily used routes) by engaging with the University (e.g. by writing emails, holding meetings, signing petitions or graces).

Getting involved

Recent Announcements

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Potential projects

  • Removal of chicanes
    • From the Madingley Rise site
    • From all University property (through a change in University policy)
  • Feedback on West Cambridge Site planning
    • Refreshing existing paths with modern standards: separation of walking/cycling, Dutch-style junctions inside the site with walking/cycling priority
    • Advocate for improvements to Madingley Road, both east and west, and High Cross junction
    • Advocate following the guidance in Making space for cycling
  • Coton path
    • Get the overpass of the M11 fixed
    • Improved approaches
  • Northwest Cambridge
    • Follow the construction progress and ensure the delivered routes live up to proper standards
    • Keep an eye on the design plans for things like bus stops to ensure they are built properly accessible for all people
  • Adams Road & Routes to town
    • Improve Adams Road for cycling
    • Fix junction of Coton path and Adams Road
    • Identify and advocate for more alternatives to Garrett Hostel Lane.
  • Site security
    • Identifying social safety problem spots (e.g. isolated paths, poorly lit areas)
    • Tracking incidences of cycle theft
    • Advocate the use of effective anti-theft measures, such as posters containing eyes
  • City Deal
  • Improved cycle parking
    • Cycle repair stations for large cycle parking areas
    • Improved quality (when short of best practice) and quantity (where presently insufficient).
  • Storey's Way
    • New surface is slick resulting in crashes in cold weather.
    • On street parking should be removed.
  • Site Travel Plan Group
    • 'Soft measures' to encourage people to use public transport, walk and cycle.

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