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This page provides an index of interdisciplinary design and research collaborations involving members of the Crucible network and their collaborators. Involvement of Crucible members in these projects has ranged from funding and direct management of local teams to short-term consultancy, coordination and advisory input, with scale ranging from small local projects to large national and international initiatives. As a collaborative organisation dedicated to promoting activity outside its own boundaries, Crucible does not wish to claim ownership of any of these projects. Except where mentioned explicitly, we do not consider these projects to be 'owned' by Crucible, or to take responsibility or credit for them.


Crucible is a network of people and their projects, not an institute. Our approach has been to establish, facilitate and maintain collaborations between academic and professional researchers whose expertise can contribute to the goal of interdisciplinary design research. This has resulted in a matrix of connections: diverse projects, each structured in accordance with the skills and experience of the researchers involved, and a broad range of researchers both inside and outside the University. These projects are structured in many ways: as student design assignments, business consultancy, collaborative workshops, artistic productions, software products, workshops, conferences and others.

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